SNOOZE is a psychological drama about a young gymnasium student, Frank. Frank stutters so much that he has a hard time saying his name, which makes it quite a difficult situation for him to bond with his classmates. When he can't find his place in society he finds his own way to deal with his sorrow and grief, which ends up leading him down a dark path.
directed and written by 
Lasse Kissow

based on a story by 
Jeppe Langhede Olsen

1st assistant director
Asmus Kromann Bork

executive produced by
Asmus Kromann Bork
Lasse Kissow

produced by
Jeppe Langhede Olsen

Benjamin Slot Beck as Frank
Sophie Axelsen as Kraka
Patrick Sandberg as Sven
Kasper Paasch as Henning
and Mikkel Klinge Vandkær Thomsen as Jonas
director of photography Asmus Kromann Bork
1st assistent camera Lasse Kissow
2nd assistant camera and bts Christoffer Jelsberg

editor Asmus Kromann Bork
colorgrade by Asmus Kromann Bork​​​​​​​
sound design by Asmus Kromann Bork
original music by
Lasse Kissow Holm
Kasper Paasch
Magnus Valentin Gejlager

other music and SFX from​​​​​​​
thanks to
Charlotte Kissow Holm
IBC Kolding
Simon Svendsen
Jeppe Langhede Olsen