A young fisherman goes to the lake to pursue his greatest passion but when an unexpected presence emerges, he soon starts doubting his abilities. Shortly after, strange circumstances befall him, and he comes to a discovery that may alter the course of his life. 
“Watershock” is the first idea I had that I decided to turn into a serious short film. After finishing the script, my passion and imagination for the project were burning bright, but I lacked certain expertise. That lead me to seek out Asmus Kromann Bork, a young talented cinematographer who was already well-versed in the arts of filmmaking. Watershock is the culmination of a group of talented youngsters who saw fit to combine their talents to tell a single story about a person struggling with his own inadequacies. Theater veterans Patrick Sandberg & Laura Lucia Brodersen brought their extraordinary acting talents to the project. Nicolaj Lumby was vital in getting the project off the ground and provided us with special services from his company Lumby Foto. Asmus Kromann Bork acted as cinematographer and co-director for the project and ultimately created the final film that fits the music and the tone that I set out to create so well. I am happy to finally release our project and I hope that you gain something from watching Watershock.” – Lasse Kissow 
directed and written by
Lasse Kissow

1st assistant director
Asmus Kromann Bork

produced by
Nicolai Lumby
Asmus Kromann Bork
Lasse Kissow Holm

Patrick Sandberg as Palle
and Laura Lucia Brodersen as Laura
director of photography Asmus Kromann Bork
1st assistant camera and bts Nicolai Lumby

editor Asmus Kromann Bork
colorgrade by Asmus Kromann Bork​​​​​​​
sound design by Asmus Kromann Bork
original music by
Lasse Kissow 

SFX from www.epidemicsound.com​​​​​​​