COMING end of april 2024!
of stories and films studio. presents
from Turbojugend Kolding's local waterhole 'BarRock' down to the infamous Reeperbahn in St. Pauli, Hamburg. an enormous amount of Jugend members from all over the world. a city filled with mexikaner and beer, weltTURBOJUGENDtage is taking off and the only thing left to say is - “I got an erection” 
'Sail Hard or Fail Hard - Turbojugend Kolding' 
set to release end of April 2024, with a premiere at Turbojugend Kolding's event ‘Slicetown Falling Down’ - see you there!🍻
directed by
Asmus Kromann Bork
executive produced by
Turbojugend Kolding
Asmus Kromann Bork
director of photography
Asmus Kromann Bork

2nd camera
Steffen K. Johannsen

post production
Asmus Kromann Bork

stills by
Steffen K. Johannsen
Turbojugend Kolding
Asmus Kromann Bork
Mick Hutson
live bands playing
The Courettes
Hot for Punk
Dumb Bats
Gang Green

music in order
Elevate, Levitate - Pär
Different Days - Chill Cole
Saltine - Tigerblood Jewel
Gold in Our Pockets - Tigerblood Jewel Ft. Ryan Gillmore
stay hard, run free - b.engel and Mick Simpson
Secret Medicine - SUGOI
Hip Hop Rock Song - Def Lev 
Virginia Highway - Tigerblood Jewel 
Run away with me - Roof 
Sailor Man - a Turbonegro cover by  B.Engel

playlist and other sound work from
thanks to
Pibs (thanks for being alive) 
Henrik Hess & BarRock 
Ian Deppe McDuckfat & JD 
Rumspringa Entertainment 
Alonsso Jz
& all the Turbojugends worldwide

in memory of
Marietta Solty 
Christine Ahle 
Mick Hutson
Hans Erik Dyvik Husby
Uncle Herbert & Freds Schlemmer-eck

dedicated to
Matthew Ogden

photography by
Steffen K. Johanssen
Asmus Kromann Bork